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In learning English, reading is an essential skill for acquiring new vocabulary and reinforcing your grammar; it is doubly important if you have limited opportunities to learn by listening. Although reading may seem very difficult at first, the task becomes easier with these simple strategies.

Not everything in a text may be useful to you right away. When you determine what’s important, you identify the main themes of the text and focus on them, without getting distracted by irrelevant information.

As you read, you work not only with the text, but also everything you already know about the topic. Use prior knowledge about the world, as well as your previous experiences, to help you make sense of what you’re reading.

Once you understand the text, you can also make inferences, or use the new information and background information to draw conclusions and interpret facts.

It’s also important to ask questions before, during, and after reading, as they help you see the text from several angles and understand it clearly. They are not a sign of trouble, but a tool for understanding.

Another helpful tool is mental images. In your mind, use all five senses to experience the text and enhance not only your understanding, but also your enjoyment.

One of the first things to do when you read is understand the structure of the text; that’s what you do when you skim, or read very quickly, skipping many words. Once you have located the most important points, you can use them to answer specific questions later.

As you look at each new paragraph, you should try to find the topic sentence,because it contains the main idea. If it isn’t what you need now, you can save the supporting information for later.

As you look at each new paragraph, you should try to find the topic sentence, because it contains the main idea; if it isn’t what you need now, you can save the supporting information for later.When you see an unfamiliar word, it’s tempting to slow down or even stop reading. However, it’s often possible to learn vocabulary in context, or use other words in the same sentence or nearby sentences to guess the meaning quickly. This rough understanding is often enough to understand the text.

Finally, you may use your knowledge of the text’s structure, as well as markers such as topic sentences and key words to scan, or quickly find detailed answers to specific questions.

The purpose of many of these skills is to help you read more quickly, and if your goal is speed, you should also time yourself. How much time do you need to understand a paragraph or a page? Push yourself to read faster, and with practice, your speed will improve.

These ten strategies take some time to learn, but once you’ve mastered them, you will find reading much easier, and maybe even more fun!

  • Unit1 What’s Hot and What’s Not Uber: The World’s Modern Taxi(p.1)
  • Unit2 Who’s Who Bon Jovi: The Best of the Best(p.4)
  • Unit3 Pack Your Bag Kaohsiung: More Than You Imagined(p.7)
  • Unit4 Improving the World Soaring to New Heights(p.10)
  • Unit5 Smart for Art Nail Art Gets Creative(p.13)
  • Unit6 Pack Your Bag Going Abroad for a Good Cause(p.16)
  • Unit7 Who’s Who Wu Pao-Chun’s Bread Mission(p.19)
  • Unit8 Going Beyond Borders A Zone of Your Own(p.22)
  • Unit9 The Magic of Discovery The Black Box of Cars(p.25)
  • Unit10 Staying Fit and Healthy What Skin Problems Say About You(p.28)
  • Unit11 Smart for Art Op Art: Playing Tricks on the Eye(p.31)
  • Unit12 Improving the World The Board Game You’ll Never Get Bored of(p.34)
  • Unit13 Pack Your Bag The Sky’s the Limit with Amazing Skywalks(p.37)
  • Unit14 Going Beyond Borders Sunshine, Sea, and Music(p.40)
  • Unit15 Going Beyond Borders The Happy Traveler Avoids Taboos(p.43)
  • Unit16 Who’s Who Creating Art with a Bang(p.46)
  • Unit17 Going Beyond Borders The Greatest Olympic Moments(p.49)
  • Unit18 It’s Never Too Late to Learn Farewell to High School(p.52)
  • Unit19 Who’s Who Tim Cook: Apple’s Leader Has a Style of His Own(p.55)
  • Unit20 Why Did They Do That? A Walk in the Night(p.58)
  • Unit21 Going Beyond Borders Panic in the Streets(p.61)
  • Unit22 Smart for Art The Most Famous Meal(p.64)
  • Unit23 Improving the World More Than a Pretty Picture(p.67)
  • Unit24 Staying Fit and Healthy Seeing in Black and White(p.70)
  • Unit25 Pack Your Bag The Eighth Continent(p.73)
  • Unit26 Going Beyond Borders Confused About Kissing(p.76)
  • Unit27 Improving the World Rubik’s Remarkable Cube(p.79)
  • Unit28 Smart for Art Get a Load of Heavy Metal(p.82)
  • Unit29 What’s Hot and What’s Not All About Pants(p.85)
  • Unit30 The Magic of Discovery The Incredible Shrinking Brain(p.88)
  • Unit31 It’s Never Too Late to Learn Trading Places(p.91)
  • Unit32 Why Did They Do That? Aw … Isn’t That Cute!(p.94)
  • Unit33 What’s Hot and What’s Not Hitting the Streets(p.97)
  • Unit34 Going Beyond Borders Christmas Down Under(p.100)
  • Unit35 Bon Appetit The Marvelous Macaroon(p.103)
  • Unit36 Who’s Who The Thrilling Story of the King of Pop(p.106)
  • Unit37 Driving Force Behind the World The Power of Packaging(p.109)
  • Unit38 On the Job Send in the Clowns(p.112)
  • Unit39 It’s Never Too Late to Learn The Truth Behind Testing(p.115)
  • Unit40 Going Beyond Borders A Terrifying Time of Year(p.118)
  • Unit41 Pack Your Bag A Grand Landmark(p.121)
  • Unit42 What’s Hot and What’s Not Getting Discounts with Group Shopping(p.124)
  • Unit43 Smart for Art The First and Funniest Comic Strip(p.127)
  • Unit44 Who Did It? The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle(p.130)
  • Unit45 It’s Never Too Late to Learn Adding Work to Schoolwork(p.133)
  • Unit46 Going Beyond Borders Going Nuts at Naadam(p.136)
  • Unit47 Bon Appetit From Japan to the World(p.139)
  • Unit48 The Magic of Discovery iCPooch Keeps Dogs from Ever Feeling Lonely(p.142)
  • Unit49 It’s Never Too Late to Learn Lock Up Your Stuff(p.145)
  • Unit50 Driving Force Behind the World Using Smell to Sell(p.148)
  • Unit51 On the Job To Serve and Protect … Your Pet(p.151)
  • Unit52 Who’s Who Van Gogh: A Mix of Genius and Madness(p.154)
  • Unit53 Improving the World Wheel in the Sky(p.157)
  • Unit54 Smart for Art Urban Art at Its Finest(p.160)
  • Unit55 Pack Your Bag Comfortable and Cheap: Bargain Hotels(p.163)
  • Unit56 Going Beyond Borders A Few Tips on Tipping(p.166)
  • Unit57 Bon Appetit Breaking Bread Through the Ages(p.169)
  • Unit58 Who Did It? Aliens Have Landed … or Have They?(p.172)
  • Unit59 Smart for Art New Art for a New World(p.175)
  • Unit60 Who’s Who The King of the Blues(p.178)
  • Unit61 Circle of Life Valuable Vanilla(p.181)